A mathematical chalet!

Very modern in appearance and unique in its design we couldn’t resist adopting the Mathematical bridge for our logo. Being such a famous bridge in Cambridge it seemed completely fitting that this should represent the chalet after its makeover in 2014

Located at Queens’ college Cambridge, this wooden bridge connects two parts of the college and is probably one of the most famous bridges in Cambridge. It is also a Grade II listed building.

Fables tell a story of the bridge having been built by Sir Issac Newton, an alumni of Trinity College Cambridge. It is said he built the bridge without the use of nuts or bolts, the stories continue that at some point in the past students of the university have attempted to dismantle the bridge and put it back together, but were unable to work out how to hold the structure together, and were obliged to resort to adding nuts and bolts.

In reality, bolts of some description are an inherent part of the design. When it was first built, iron spikes were driven into the joints from the outer side, where they could not be seen from the inside of the parapets, explaining why it was thought none were used. As it happens Sir Issac Newton could not have been directly involved with its building as he died in 1727, twenty-two years before the construction of the bridge.

The truth is the bridge was built in 1749 by James Essex, having been designed by William Etheridge, a civil engineer and architect known for other similar structures and also for the  original ‘mathematical bridge’ which was another bridge of the same design crossing the Cam between Trinity and Trinity Hall colleges. It has since been rebuilt on two occasions but has kept its overall design.Though giving the appearance of an arch it is in fact made up of entirely straight timbers built to an unusually sophisticated design.

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